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Why transport consignments by express?
Express services can save you time and money

It is necessary to take into account not only transport costs, but also savings to express transport brings. Frequent express shipment may in fact result in a lower cost of storing items, with which of course is related to tying up capital - this is particularly true in high-value shipments. In production can timely delivery by express delivery to prevent risks to continuity of operations and continuity of production, it is still less costly solution than the related risk of losing business. Mainly companies from the "Automotive" know this very well. We offer our customers express road transport to reach parameters like air transport, but infinitely more accessible and affordable especially flexible. It's at least worth considering.

Why transport consignments by express?

The time of delivery can not be guaranteed

Of course, not one hundred percent guarantee we can. Always there may be aspects that can not be influenced, such as weather, traffic conditions, and possible malfunction of the vehicle. But you can count on 24 hours a day make every effort so that we were able to cope with all situations that we timely delivery of each consignment will express. Up to 97% of our shipments in 2015 were delivered on time. Not looking for excuses, but rapid, specific and flexible solutions!

customer needs come first

We do our best to understand customer needs

We always try to understand the individual needs of individual customers and offer them exactly the service they expect and need. We understand that some customers put emphasis on low cost of transport and other demands the superior quality and flawless service, where price does not play the most important role around. Customer we try to offer several alternatives delivery of a consignment that was free to decide on the basis of its priorities.

We always reachable

After hours we are available

With us you will never happen, that you picked up the phone some impersonal machine. Our employees, who are in the flesh, they are in case of any unexpected events also available after hours or on weekends and holidays. Understand your requirements and always try to find a solution for you what you need. If circumstances so require and enable operational and you wait to resolve a potential problem. It is characterized by particularly professional approach and speed decision making.

free benefits

Extra benefity

The price of our services are free benefits included as partial coordination of the supply chain, thus relieving the customer of the part. Another benefit is non-stop customer service, of course there is the human approach, but in the end, and as a bonus the timely and accurate invoicing. All processes are constantly trying to improve within the quality management according to ISO 9001: 2008.

free benefits

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that both sides of should profit from our cooperation.

We make the shipment with a loss, because we know that if we go to meet the customer once we return it.

Why transport consignments by express?

Supply chain management (SCM - Supply Chain Management)

Each company has its own way of functioning with its own products, markets, business processes and logistics structures. It is our job to combine individual services from our service portfolio in a meaningful manner, having regard to your objectives and responsibilities. You tell us what you need and our shippers create individual, efficient and effective solution for the specific needs of your logistics supply chain. Systematic coordination of all logistics functions focused on reducing customer lead times and thanks to the supply and cost of our customers. In this way a situation is achieved, each benefits. If you are interested we can offer the service management 3PL (third party logistics). Letting you concentrate on your core business and management activities.

We will manage the relevant background in logistics processes, so that you are always on time and all the necessary informed. And all for no extra cost, within our varied menu forwarding services.

In these countries

We offer our services

Our forwarding / transport services can be used throughout Europe

We try to offer customers more alternatives delivery of a consignment that was free to decide on the basis of its priorities.

We are able to send price quotation in few minutes.


forwarding / transport services

working capacity is up to 0.5 t / v to 3 CBM / capacity 1-2 Euro pallets


forwarding / transport services

Deliveries of working capacity from 1 ton to 1.5 tons / volume of 10 to 20cbm / capacity 4-10 Euro pallets. For larger shipments, there is the possibility of trailers, which can increase capacity to 2 tons / volume 30cbm / 15 Euro pallets


forwarding / transport services

working capacity is 2.7 t - 3.3 t / v to 40CBM / up to 16 Euro pallets


forwarding / transport services

working capacity is 5.5 tons - 6 tons / volume to 40CBM / capacity up to 18 Euro pallets


forwarding / transport services

working capacity is 10t / 50cbm volume up / capacity up to 20 Euro pallets


forwarding / transport services

vehicle type solo and trailers, increasing the capacity and volume


forwarding / transport services

working capacity is 24 tons / volume 90cbm / 33 Euro pallets or type MEGA trailer with a capacity of 100 cbm. Available as Plato, Tautliner, or BOX.


forwarding / transport services

working capacity is 24 tons / volume to 120 cbm / 36-38 europaliet

If the customer requires

forwarding / transport services

we can offer the alternative types of trucks: Mulda, Frigo, doubledecker Walkingfloor and others.

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