Express transport
rapid, specific and flexible solutions


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Road haulage
We provide domestic and international freight, groupage and additional loads without ordering capacity of the whole vehicle
Express delivery
We specialize in express services across Europe to reach parameters like air traffic, but more affordable
provide air transport, ocean freight FCL / LCL, as well as the sale of used containers
We also ensure the optimum cargo customs clearance, temporary storage, packaging, pallets, consulting (SCM Logistics 3PL)
Why transport

consignments by express?

Express services can save you time and money

It is necessary to take into account not only transport costs, but also savings to express transport brings. Frequent express shipment may in fact result in a lower cost of storing items, with which of course is related to tying up capital - this is particularly true in high-value shipments.

Not looking for excuses, but rapid, specific and flexible solutions!


Since 2012 we provide
shipments delivered
satisfied customers
tons of transported shipments
99,3 %
shipments delivered on time
Reasons why
cooperate Universal Forwarders
Stability and responsibility

Reasons why

We are forwarding company that is financially healthy and stable. We promote fair access not only to customers but also business partners.

Seamless communication

Reasons why

Communication is the most important traffic. We are at your disposal, the phone is switched on and active email is a matter of course!

Quick response

Reasons why

We know about the availability of spare vehicles across Europe. In 15 minutes you can have our price quotation.


Reasons why

In unforeseen circumstances immediately we seek alternative solutions and we are available.

Individual approach

Reasons why

We strive to understand the individual needs of individual customers and offer them exactly the service they expect and need.

Price, quality

Reasons why

Some customers put emphasis on low cost of transport and other demands the superior quality and flawless service, where price does not play the most important role around.

Still looking for experienced people with a long experience in the field of transportation, logistics, shipping - forwarding.
The condition is knowledge of English language at the level of communication, professionalism and hard work.
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15 FEB 2016
The new corporate identity

After more than three successful years of our activity has come the time to redesign our corporate identity. We are very pleased that our company will continue through its visual identity and a new logo to reflect its modern and innovative direction.

20 JAN 2015
Questionnaire of customer satisfaction

We have prepared a short questionnaire, where we would like to get an overview providing the service to your satisfaction, and where there is room for improvement. Thank you for your cooperation.

26 NOV 2014
Quality Policy

We would like to announce that in order to improve service quality, the company Universal Forwarders Ltd. undertakes to fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.

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